Hard Seltzer Brewing Kit

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Our Hard Seltzer Brewing Kit has everything you need to easily and quickly brew a gallon of hard seltzer at home. Get the best Hard Seltzer Brewing Kit with the finest ingredients and equipment. Your homemade bubbly seltzer finishes at a refreshing 4.5% ABV in just 4 weeks.

Make hard seltzer in 3 fruity flavors: Watermelon, Lemon Lime & Grapefruit. 

What's Inside the Hard Seltzer Brewing Kit

Everything you need to brew your very own Hard Seltzer is included in our easy homebrew starter kit!

  • 1 gallon glass jar & lid
  • Airlock
  • Non-GMO sugar (for the yeast, not for you)
  • Yeast & Nutrient
  • Sanitizer
  • Funnel
  • Natural Grapefruit Flavor
  • Hard Seltzer Instructions
Light. Bubbly. Refreshing. Thirsty Yet?
No Added Sugars
Natural Flavors
4.5% ABV
Gluten Free

Easy Hard Seltzer Brewing Process

Our Guide to Brewing Hard Seltzer

A comprehensive guide to brewing hard seltzer using our Hard Seltzer Brewing Kit.

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