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Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit

Vendor: Craft a Brew
Already have our Hard Seltzer Kit and ready for your next batch? Fill up your carboy or any 1 gallon fermenter with a Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit! This refill kit comes with all the ingredients you need without the equipment you already have. Each Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit includes non-GMO sugar, champagne yeast, yeast nutrient, natural grapefruit flavor, and sanitizer. In just 4 weeks, you’ll have 8-10 bottles of naturally gluten-free hard seltzer for just $1.50 per bottle!


This Recipe Kit includes the ingredients needed to make your own hard seltzer:

  • Hard Seltzer Instructions
  • Hard Seltzer Recipe 
    • Non-GMO sugar (for the yeast, not for you)
    • Yeast & nutrient
    • Sanitizer
    • Natural Grapefruit Flavor

*Equipment not included. This can be fermented in any 1 gallon carboy or the 1 gallon jug included in the Hard Seltzer Kit.