Mead Recipe Kit


Already have our Mead Kit and ready for your next batch? Fill up your carboy or any 1 gallon fermenter with a Mead Recipe Kit. This refill kit comes with all the mead ingredients you'll need. Our Mead Recipe Kit includes yeast, yeast nutrients, and sanitizer to craft 1 gallon of still, semi-dry "honey wine" with your own equipment. Making mead is simple using the finest ingredients - you bring the honey; we bring the rest.

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What's Inside the Mead Recipe Kit

This Mead Recipe Kit includes the ingredients needed to make your own honey wine:

*Honey not included in this traditional mead recipe. This mead recipe 1 gallon kit requires 2.5 lb of ANY variety of honey.

Easy Process, Tasty Results

Make Your Own Honey Wine

Our Guide to Making Mead

A step by step guide to fermenting and bottling your mead. Includes tips for making a sweet mead, a Melomel or a Cyser.

Need The Equipment?

Check Out Our New Deluxe Mead Kit:

Give the mead lover in your life the ultimate gift with our comprehensive Mead Making Gift Set. This all-in-one mead making kit includes everything you need to craft a delicious gallon of honey wine. Inside, you'll find our best-selling Mead Kit, premium honey, a backsweetening kit, hydrometer, mini auto-siphon, bottles, and glassware. 

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