Ultimate Mead Maker’s Gift Package

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Give the mead lover in your life the ultimate gift with our comprehensive Mead Making Gift Set. This all-in-one mead making kit includes everything you need to craft a delicious gallon of honey wine. Inside, you'll find our best-selling Mead Kit, premium honey, a backsweetening kit, hydrometer, mini auto-siphon, bottles, and glassware. 

Designed for beginners, this kit provides all the essential tools and ingredients to ferment, sweeten, bottle, and enjoy your homemade mead. No need to buy additional accessories or ingredients because this complete set has everything to start your mead making journey.

Perfect for the first-time mead maker, the modern Viking, the bee-keeper, or the Renaissance fair fanatic on your gift list, this kit ensures a seamless and enjoyable brewing experience right out of the box. Plus, save $11.95 with this exclusive bundle!

Start brewing your own mead today with our top-rated mead making kit and discover the art of creating your own honey wine at home. Ideal for gifts or personal use, this set is a must-have for any mead enthusiast.


This mead maker’s gift set includes:

  • Mead Making Kit: Ingredients for making your first batch of mead plus reusable fermentation equipment.
  • Honey: 40 Oz of honey, choose from available varieties.
  • Mead Bottling Kit: Includes 8 clear 16 Oz Flip Top Bottles for aging & storing your mead.
  • Backsweetening Kit: Includes a 12 Oz bottle of Clover honey and Potassium Sorbate stabilizer. With this kit you can add sweet honey back to your mead for a sweeter finished mead.
  • Deluxe Hydrometer Gravity Testing Kit: Includes a hydrometer and test tube for calculating ABV, plus an adhesive thermometer for monitoring fermentation temperature.
  • Mini Auto-Siphon: Makes transferring & bottling your mead a breeze! Just pump the siphon to start the flow of liquid from fermenter to bottles.
  • Craft a Brew Mead Glass: 13.5 oz tapered glass that enhances the sensory experience while sipping your mead. Features our merry mead mascot.

Orange Blossom Honey: Sweet, flowery & citrusy - this renowned honey variety is a mead maker favorite. Notes of white flower and zesty orange make for a delicious and complex mead. This straw colored honey is harvested from bees that pollinate Citrus × sinensis (sweet orange or navel orange). Orange Blossom Honey is always best sourced from trusted farms, as this covetable variety is often artificially flavored. This honey is tested for Methyl anthranilate, the natural compound that gives orange blossom its flavor, to ensure authenticity.

Wildflower Honey: Pre-order (expected to ship by 6/20) The name wildflower is given to honey harvested from bees that pollinate multiple flowers. The main floral sources for our wildflower honey are naturally occurring wildflowers in South Brazil. This wildflower honey for mead making is reddish amber in color with herbal, floral and sweet notes, perfect for a simple mead or a fruited mead!

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