Backsweetening Mead Kit


Homemade mead is naturally semi-dry. If you want to craft a sweeter honey wine try our Backsweetening Mead Kit (intended for use with our 1 gallon Mead Making Kit or our 1 gallon Mead Recipe Kit).

What's in our Backsweetening Mead Kit?

- 0.5 tsp Potassium Sorbate (stabilizer)
- 12 oz bottle of clover honey (sweetener)

Yeast's job is to convert sugars into CO2 & alcohol, which poses a problem if you want to sweeten your mead. Potassium Sorbate - a yeast growth inhibitor - helps with that! It stops yeast from multiplying in the presence of added sugar so you can add sweet honey without triggering re-fermentation.

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HOW-TO back-sweeten your homemade mead:

1. Once mead is finished fermenting & you are ready to bottle, first rack (siphon) the mead off of its sediment into a sanitized secondary fermenter with airlock.
2. Stir 0.5 tsp Potassium Sorbate per gallon & let it stabilize the mead for 24 hrs with the airlock installed.
3. After 24 hrs, prepare the honey to be added to the fermenter. First, choose how much honey you'd like to use per gallon: 4 oz for light sweetness, 8 oz for medium sweetness or 12 oz for the most sweetness.
4. Dissolve the honey in 6 oz of hot water (per gallon of mead), then pour the dissolved honey/water mixture into the fermenter. Swirl to combine.
5. Bottle as usual!

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