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Make Your Own Hard Seltzer

Crafting your own hard seltzer is easy. Almost as easy as drinking it. 5 ingredients and 4 simple steps are all it takes to make a gallon of refreshing, thirst quenching spiked seltzer.

Hard Seltzer Kit
Hard Seltzer Kit is Naturally Gluten Free, Flavored and Carbonated
One Gallon Hard Seltzer Kit Order Now

Our Hard Seltzer Kit includes everything you need to create a gallon of spiked seltzer.

Bottles are for seltzer.
Not your emotions.

Hard Seltzer Bottle Kit

Seltzer Bottling Kit

Includes eight reusable 16oz bottles
twist seal caps

Already Have Equipment?

Seltzer Recipe Kit

Seltzer Recipe Kit

Our Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit includes ingredients to make 1 gallon of grapefruit hard seltzer with your own equipment.