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Brewer Starter Kit


Perfect for first time brewers, our 5 Gallon Beer Kit includes everything you’ll need to create your first batch of craft beer at home.

What's in the box:

  • The Catalyst Fermentation System Learn more
  • Capping Kit (Capper, 100 Caps)
  • Thermometer
  • Sanitizer Packet
  • Guide to Brewing and Fermenting
  • 5 Gallon recipe kit of your choice (Specialty Grains, Grain Bag, Dry Malt Extract, Hops and Yeast)*

Price: $249.99

Less Equipment, Better Results

Other starter kits in the market include a long list of equipment that require a whole lot of space and clean up; we’re talking about multiple buckets, carboys, tubing, siphons, funnels, multiple airlocks, etc... Our revolutionary 5 Gallon Beer Kit has condensed all these tools into one sleek and functional design, the Catalyst Fermentation System.

Conventional Starter Kit Equipment

Conventional Starter Kit Equipment

Craft a Brew Starter Kit Equipment

Craft a Brew Starter Kit Equipment

(The Catalyst Fermentation System)

Simplifying the post-brewing process
with the Catalyst Fermentation System

Our Five Gallon Beer Kit - New Brewer Starter Kit includes our innovative Catalyst Fermentation System. We’ve eliminated the need to siphon and transfer your beer during fermentation, and we included a bottling attachment making it easier than ever to make great craft beer at home.

Fermenting Beer with the Catalyst

Craft a Brew - Post-Primary Fermentation

Post-Primary Fermentation

Close the valve, detach the jar containing sediment. Screw on a smaller jar for secondary fermentation and open valve.

Craft a Brew - Secondary Fermentation & Aging

Secondary Fermentation & Aging

Close the valve, detach the jar containing sediment and discard.

Craft a Brew - Prime Your Beer

Prime Your Beer

Add sugar and stir.

Craft a Brew - Bottling


Screw on the bottling attachment along with the transfer tubing and open the valve to begin.

Craft a Brew - New Brewer Steps

Available in 6 Recipes

Craft a Brew - American Pale Ale
Craft a Brew - Brown Ale
Craft a Brew - Irish Stout
Craft a Brew - Hefeweizen
Craft a Brew - Oktoberfest
Craft a Brew - Fat Friar Amber Ale
Craft a Brew - How much beer in a starter kit?

How much beer is it?

Five Gallons of beer is the same as 50 Swing-top bottles. Now that’s a party.

5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kits

Already Have Equipment?

Shop our 5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kits which include: dry malt extract, hops, specialty grains, yeast, and sanitizer to brew another batch.

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