SCOBY & Starter Liquid


What is a SCOBY?

The acronym stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast. The SCOBY is responsible for fermentation and it gives kombucha it’s health benefits! Retain your Kombucha SCOBY after each batch - it'll help you brew future batches! 

Your individual Kombucha SCOBY & Starter Liquid is grown from scratch in its own container, so the appearance will vary. It will average 3 - 4" in diameter, but it will grow to fit your fermenter. Your SCOBY & Starter Liquid culture may be thin or thick, opaque or see-through, dark or light, smooth or textured. It may fold in transit, the pouch may also expand. Your Kombucha SCOBY might have a few layers that may split or stay connected, it may also have some floaters.


Already have a Kombucha Kit & need your SCOBY?


NOTE: ALL SCOBYs ship via USPS in a padded envelope. If you can't receive USPS deliveries at your home, please contact us BEFORE ordering.

Our SCOBYs are grown at our facility for ultimate freshness. Due to high order volumes and colder winter temperatures, SCOBY claims may require up to 2 weeks to be processed for shipment. You will receive a tracking # as soon as your fresh, homegrown Kombucha SCOBY has left our facility! 

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