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Hot Sauce Kit Hot Sauce Kit
Hot Sauce Kit
Spice up your life with homemade hot sauce! This super fun & super simple DIY kit comes with everything you...
2 reviews
Everything you need to brew your own kombucha is in our easy starter kit! What's in the box? 1 gallon...
27 reviews
Kombucha Heat Wrap Kombucha Heat Wrap
Proper fermentation temperature is crucial when brewing your own kombucha. A temperature between 75 - 80*F is ideal, but can...
6 reviews
Clear Bottling Kit Clear Bottling Kit
This kit comes with everything you need to bottle and carbonate your kombucha or hard seltzer! What's in the box?...
5 reviews
Available in single packs or 3 packs with 15 test strips per pack. These pH test strips help you track your...
4 reviews
Kombucha Tea & Sugar Refill Kombucha Tea & Sugar Refill
Ready to brew a new batch of kombucha? Our tea & sugar refill will help get you started.  What's in...
6 reviews
SCOBY & Starter Liquid SCOBY & Starter Liquid
What is a SCOBY? The acronym stands for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria & Yeast. The SCOBY is responsible for fermentation...
1 review
Edible Silver Glitter Edible Silver Glitter
Love it. Or love to hate it. GLITTER BEER IS HERE! Dose your beer, booch or cider with NEW silver edible glitter...
Stainless Steel Funnel with Filter
This 5" wide stainless steel funnel makes it easy to bottle your kombucha. Includes a removable strainer. Dishwasher safe.
7 reviews
Barrel age your homebrew with real bourbon barrel pieces from St. Augustine Distillery, trimmed to fit through the neck of a...
1 review
Hop Head Sticker Hop Head Sticker
Ward off evil spirits - and bad beer - with an all seeing hop eye sticker. Slap it on your growler, keg,...
3 reviews