Fat Friar Amber Ale Beer Recipe Kit


Fat Friar is a crowd-pleasing amber ale, bridging the gap between light and dark beers. Fat Friar Amber Ale is all about balance - hence the friar's training wheels. Our Fat Friar Amber Ale Beer Recipe Kit creates a medium-bodied ale that boasts toasty Belgian malt flavor, and packs refreshing hop notes from Willamette and Fuggle. Our Fat Friar Amber Ale Beer Recipe Kit contains the finest ingredients and is perfect for a refill.

Fat Friar Amber Ale Specs

What's Inside the Fat Friar Amber Ale Beer Recipe Kit

This 1-gallon recipe kit includes all the ingredients to brew our Fat Friar Amber Ale:

  • 1.25 lb Pilsen Dry Malt Extract
  • Willamette (Bittering) Hop Packet
  • Fuggle (Aroma) Hop Packet
  • Steeping Grains
  • Standard Ale Yeast Packet
  • Sanitizer Packet
  • Grain Steeping Bag

Brew Your Own Fat Friar Amber Ale

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