The Hex - 3 Piece Airlock


The Hex is our custom designed 3 Piece Airlock for making beer, wine, mead, and more. The Hex has all the classic features of a 3 Piece Airlock with increased durability. If you're sick of fermentation airlocks cracking or breaking, it's time to upgrade. The Hex 3 Piece Airlock will stand up to years of use and abuse!

A 3 Piece Airlock is an important fermenter accessory. When filled with water, our fermentation airlock keeps oxygen, bacteria, and dust from entering your fermenter, while allowing CO2 bubbles to escape, and bubble through the water! 

The Hex - 3 Piece Airlock is moulded from tough, BPA-free and shatter-resistant plastic. The thick walled hex shaped chamber is sturdy and prevents breakage. The hex shaped piston is a golden color to help you better observe bubbling activity. We topped it all off with a golden vented cap.

  • Hard, thick walled BPA-free plastic
  • Sturdy, shatter-resistant hex shape
  • Easy to clean
  • 4.5" tall

Looking for classic fermentation airlocks? Try a standard 3 Piece Airlock or a Twin Bubbler Airlock.


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