Brix Refractometer


A Brix Refractometer is a helpful tool for finding the density of unfermented beer (wort) or unfermented wine (must). With a few drops of fluid you can quickly and accurately get a Brix or Specific Gravity reading.

This lightweight handheld Brix Refractometer instantly reads gravity (potential alcohol content) of unfermented wort, must or juice. How? By measuring how the light passing through the sample bends (or refracts). 

A brew day alternative to a hydrometer, a Refractometer, or Brix meter requires a much smaller sample than a hydrometer, so you waste less beer when taking Brix measurements. Our Refractometer for brewing automatically compensates for temperature, unlike a hydrometer. As long as your sample is 50 - 86ºF, there's no need to consult a temperature correction chart.

Alcohol impacts the refractive properties of liquid, so a Brix Refractometer can only be used on unfermented beer, wine, mead or juice. So, the Final Gravity (density after fermentation) must be taken with a hydrometer. To calculate the ABV, use this formula:

ABV = (OG - FG)* 131.25

ABV = Alcohol By Volume
OG = Original Gravity (measured with a refractometer)
FG = Final Gravity (measured with a hydrometer)

This Refractometer for alcohol has an adjustable focus lens. It also comes with with a protective case, a drop applicator and a screwdriver if manual calibration is desired. 

- Range: 0 to 32 ºBrix, 1.000 to 1.130 Specific Gravity (SG)
- Resolution: 0.2 ºBrix, 0.001 SG
- Accuracy: ± 0.2 ºBrix, ±0.001 SG
- Temperature Correction: Automatic 10 - 30 ºC (50 - 86 ºF)
- Weight: 0.68 pounds
- Height: 2.15 inches
- Length: 8.10 inches
- Width: 3.40 inches

How to use:
Position yourself under a light source. Rotate the eyepiece to bring the display into focus. Apply 2-3 drops onto the prism face, close the cover, and view through the eyepiece. After each use, clean the prism face, cover, and drop-applicator with water to ensure a pure sample on next use. If a drying cloth is used on the prism face, make sure it is non-abrasive and lint free.

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