Clip On Kettle Thermometer


Try a Clip On Kettle Thermometer to accurately monitor temperatures on brew day. Our stainless steel Clip On Kettle Thermometer easily clips to the inside of your brew kettle or pot. Perfect for steeping grains, mashing, hops, hop additions, chilling wort, and more. This product is great for the brewer who wants a more durable alternative to glass laboratory thermometers.

The 12" extra-long probe submerges into your wort on brew day. This Clip On Kettle Thermometer has a stainless-steel pot clip that keeps the probe in the liquid, and away from the wall of the pot, which provides the most accurate temperature readings. The stainless-steel clip is adjustable, and slides so you can position the probe at the optimal height, depending on your boil volume or kettle size.


  • 12" stem
  • 2" analog dial face
  • measures temperatures from 0-220ºF (-15-110ºC)
  • 0.10 lb
  • stainless steel
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