Fermaid O


Fermaid O is a highly efficient yeast nutrient and source of organic nitrogen. It’s used to achieve steady wine fermentations by compensating for deficiencies in nitrogen and micronutrients in the must (unfermented wine).

Fermaid O is a newer formulation of Fermaid K. The main difference: this product does not contain inorganic nitrogen like Diammonium phosphate (DAP) or ammonia salts. The organic nitrogen in this product is easier for wine yeast to digest, which yields a more consistent fermentation.  

Fermaid O also helps yeast produce less heat during fermentation compared to yeast nutrients with DAP. Fewer heat spikes during fermentation reduces the level of negative sulfur compounds (and resulting off-flavors) in wine.

Fermaid O enhances ripe fruit character while decreasing dryness sensation on the palate. 

Recommended dosage is 1.5 grams per gallon of wine. Best if added in 2 doses: half at the end of the lag phase, and the other half once the sugar content is depleted by 1 ⁄ 3 of original gravity (calculate gravity changes with a hydrometer). Before adding the second dose to an active fermentation, mix with room temperature water to avoid excess CO2 release and overflow.

For best results, this product should be used with a yeast rehydration nutrient like Go-Ferm to assure proper nutrition.

Package contains 1 Oz of Fermaid O.

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