Edible Silver Glitter


Edible Silver Glitter helps you craft a glitter beer at home. Add some sparkle to your home brewed beer, hard cider, kombucha or hard seltzer on bottling day. One vial of Edible Silver Glitter treats 5 gallons of beer.


  1. Ferment as usual.
  2. Add a little (or a lot) of glitter with priming sugar on beer, hard cider or hard seltzer bottling day. Add glitter when adding fruit or other flavors on kombucha bottling day.
  3. Bottle condition & carbonate as usual.
  4. Enjoy!

*It is recommended that you only add edible silver glitter to BOTTLES. If glitter comes in contact with fermenters, full size or mini kegs, hoses, transfer lines, etc. it can be difficult to completely remove. It's best to dose bottles only, unless you want every beer you brew to sparkle. 

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