Kombucha Jar with Valve


Our proprietary Kombucha jar with valve is designed specifically for making booch. It's our favorite vessel for fermenting & bottling Kombucha!

Our kombucha jar with valve features:

  • a stainless steel bottling valve & pre-drilled hole
  • a spout along the lip for easy pouring
  • convenient volume markers: a 1 gallon fill line (for brewing) and a 2 cup marker (for starter tea)

No need for measuring cups - just mind the volume markers! Using the kombucha jar with valve attachment to take samples and to bottle (no messy spills or pouring required). Bottling day is a breeze and clean up is minimal with these features. Plus, you never need to disturb the SCOBY.

This 1 gallon fermenting jar has a hexagonal shape inspired by honeycomb & our signature bee logo. Your SCOBY will grow into a hexagon shape.

Jar height: 10"
Jar diameter: 6"
Jar diameter, including the valve: 7.75"


*This kombucha jar with valve does not include ingredients for brewing your own kombucha, but is compatible with our SCOBY and Kombucha Recipe Kit.

* Our kombucha jar with valve compatibility is hand-wash only. 

Looking for a complete Kombucha Starter Kit? CLICK HERE.


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