Lactic Acid


Lactic Acid is used to lower brewing water’s pH, commonly used in commercial breweries. Lactic Acid can also be used to add sour or tart flavor to a beer before bottling. Adding Lactic Acid to a beer is a shortcut or alternative to kettle souring with lactic acid bacteria, which converts sugars into acid. You can add lactic acid to your glass or to a primed beer just before bottling for sour flavor. Always taste test on a small sample before dosing a full batch. 

  • 4 Oz Bottle
  • Liquid Lactic Acid
  • 88% concentration
  • 24 month shelf life
  • Pipette recommended for accurate dosing

Want to brew sour beers? Try our Florida Weisse Kettle Sour Kit, lactic acid bacteria or Sourvisiae yeast. Check out our blog post -”What is the best beer making kit for brewing your first sour beer?” - for more information and tips on brewing sours. 

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