LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale Yeast

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Curious about Kveik? Try Lallemand LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale Yeast. Norwegian for "yeast," Kveik is the original, traditional dried yeast! It's ideal for fermenting Norwegian farmhouse beers or other neutral ales.

This Kveik Ale Yeast is incredibly fast and flexible. Voss can tolerate fermentation temperatures up to 104ºF and can completely ferment in as little as 2-3 days. It's perfect for brewers in hot climates or brewers who need to turn around a beer quickly.

  • Ferment a beer in 2 days at 104ºF
  • Ferment a beer in 3-4 days at 84ºF
  • Ferment in 5-7 days at 77ºF

LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale Yeast produces relatively neutral aromas across all fermentation temperatures with subtle hints of orange and citrus.

This active dry yeast does not require hydration or a yeast starter to begin fermentation. This 11g packet treats a 5 gallon batch of beer.

How To Use LalBrew Voss Kveik Ale Yeast When Brewing 5 Gallons Of Beer:

  1. Ensure wort is chilled to 75ºF or below.
  2. Pitch entire packet & aerate for a full minute to begin fermentation.

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