Lalvin ICV-D47 Wine Yeast

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Looking for extra yeast for making mead?  Try Lallemand Lalvin ICV-D47 Yeast, often used for fermenting mead, Rosé, and white wines like Chardonnay!

Lalvin D47 Yeast leaves your fermented beverages with full body and a soft, silky mouthfeel. It can even contribute some citrus & tropical fruit notes.

This is the same yeast packet included in our Mead Making KitWhen used to ferment mead, yeast nutrients are recommended. Try our Mead Recipe Kit, complete with a packet of D47, and 2 packets of yeast nutrient & sanitizer.

D47 yeast is favored for its short lag phase, meaning the yeast starts fermenting quickly after pitching. It's a low foam producer, meaning less risk of messy blow off. It's also quite flexible, thriving in cool or warm fermentation temperatures: 59 - 86 °F!

This active dry yeast strain does not require hydration or a yeast starter to begin fermentation. This 5g packet treats a 5-6 gallon batch of wine OR a 1 gallon batch of mead.

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