Light Belgian Candi Sugar

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Light Belgian Candi Sugar helps maintain higher alcohol content in homebrewed Belgian Ales (like Dubbels or Trippels). It's a 100% fermentable sugar refined from sugar beets - perfect for boosting ABV without making the brew too malty or sweet.  

This is the same Light Belgian Candi Sugar used in our Floral Saison and can be used in any homebrew recipe to gently boost ABV by 0.5%.

Try our Dark Belgian Candi Sugar, which provides the same gravity boost while also contributing some color and subtle toffee & raisin flavor.  

Available in 1.6 oz, 8 oz & 1 lb packs:

  • A 1.6 oz pack will treat a 1 gallon batch of beer.
  • An 8 oz pack will treat 5x 1 gallon batches of beer OR a single 5 gallon batch of beer.
  • A 1 lb bag will treat up to 10 gallons of beer OR multiple smaller batches.

HOW-TO use Light Belgian Candi Sugar: Add to wort at 5 min left in the boil & stir to completely dissolve. Using 1.6 oz per gallon will add 4 gravity points (0.5% ABV) per gallon of beer.

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