Muslin Bag For Brewing

Bag length

Need a Muslin Bag For Brewing? Available in 2 sizes, these are the same Muslin grain steeping bags that are included with our 1 gallon beer kits (14" length) & 5 gallon beer kits (32" length) for steeping the specialty grains.

Our 1 gallon beer recipes use a 14" long Muslin Bag For Brewing. Our gain steeping bag is ideal for 1 gallon brews, smaller amounts of adjuncts. Try a 3 pack or a 10 pack

Our 5 gallon beer recipes use the 32" long Muslin mesh grain steeping bag. This mesh grain bag is ideal for 5 gallon brews, large amounts of adjuncts or large fermenters. Try a 3 pack or a 10 pack.

A Muslin Bag For Brewing comes in handy throughout the beer making process. It's perfect for keeping dry hop additions, specialty grains and other adjuncts (like cacao nibs or fruit) separated from the wort. Brew clearer beer and reduce sediment!

- no drawstring, but easy to knot off
- useful for whole cone or pellet hops, steeping grains, adjuncts
- expand to fit large contents
- hold up to the heat of the boil
- intended for single use

If you're looking for a more durable, reusable straining bag - try our drawstring Hop Straining Bag.

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