Oregon Passionfruit Fruit Puree


Use Oregon Passionfruit Fruit Puree to make tropical tasting meads, wines, beers and more! This chartreuse yellow puree is sweet-tart, tangy and tropical. The flavor is described as a blend of citrus and tropical fruit that is refreshing and tangy! Elevate a Hard Cider, Fruit Wine, Wheat Beer or a Mead with this vibrant brewing fruit puree.

Oregon Passionfruit Fruit Puree contains 100% fruit. No preservatives, no artificial colors, no added sugar. Seeds and pits removed.

This fruit puree is ready to use immediately, no preparation required. Add directly to your fermenter in primary or secondary fermentation. DO NOT boil.

  • Aseptic packaging keeps puree stable and fresh.
  • Net weight: 3 lb 1 oz (1.39 kg)

Try Oregon Passionfruit Fruit Puree with our Fruit Wine Kit, our Hefeweizen Beer Kit or our Mead Kit.

We recommend using 0.5 - 1.5 lb. of brewing fruit puree per gallon of beer, mead, or cider. Fruit wines generally use 3 - 5 lb. of fruit per gallon.

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