Root Beer Botanicals

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Root Beer Botanicals are the key to brewing an old fashioned Root Beer. This curated botanical blend includes whole roots, spices, berries and barks. Use our botanicals to make a delicious homemade root beer syrup from scratch.

The moment you open the bag, you'll be overcome by the robust aroma that smells like a frosty mug of root beer or root beer barrel candy. Licorice-y sarsaparilla is the star, supported by earthy burdock root, minty birch bark, zesty ginger root, warming cinnamon, piney juniper berries & more!

These are the same Root Beer Botanicals that are included in our 1 gallon Root Beer Kit. Available in 3 oz bags (for 1 gallon batches), or 15 oz bags (for 5 gallon batches).

While intended for use in making Root Beer tea or a fizzy Root Beer soda, you can use Root Beer botanicals to add flavor to your home brewed kombucha, mead or beer

View our Guide to Making Root Beer for detailed instructions on using botanicals to brew and carbonate a Root Beer Syrup.

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