Safale S-04 English Ale Dry Yeast

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Looking for extra yeast for homebrewing beer? Try Safale S-04 English Ale Dry Yeast, a strain used for English and American ales or hard apple ciders.

This is the same yeast packet included in a selection of our 5 gallon Beer Recipe Kits, like our Stone Pale Ale, New England IPA & Chocolate Milk Stout.

Safale S-04 English Ale Dry Yeast produces fruity and floral notes. It sediments nicely, leaving beer clearer after fermentation is complete.

This yeast strain thrives in a fermentation temperature range of 54 - 77°F (ideally 59 - 68ºF). It is an ideal yeast for English & American beer styles: English Browns & Milds, Stouts, Porters & NEIPAs. It's also great for crafting hard ciders!

This active dry yeast does not require hydration or a yeast starter to begin fermentation. If you want to reduce lag phase and grow yeast cell count, consider our Yeast Starter Kit. This 11g packet treats a 5 gallon batch of beer.

Use this yeast strain in your own 5 gallon ale or hard apple cider recipes.

How To Use Safale S04 Yeast When Brewing 5 Gallons Of Beer:

1. Ensure wort is chilled to 75 °F or below.
2. Pitch entire packet & aerate to begin fermentation.


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