SafCider AB-1

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Looking for yeast for making hard cider? Try SafCider AB-1 Yeast, a strain made specifically for fermenting hard cider! SafCider AB-1 exhibits very good assimilation (fermentation) of fructose, making it particularly well-suited for fermenting apple juice.

SafCider AB-1 Yeast is an excellent choice for balanced ciders with low acidity. It exhibits delicate aromas of fresh apple and applesauce and creates a balanced mouthfeel in the finished cider.

This strain has a wide & flexible fermentation temperature range of 50-86ºF. This means you can ferment delicious hard apple ciders year-round in warm or cool weather. This cider yeast also has low nitrogen requirements, meaning it doesn't require added yeast nutrient (nitrogen) for an efficient fermentation.

This active dry yeast strain does not require hydration or a yeast starter to begin fermentation, though you can hydrate yeast prior to pitching if desired. This 5g packet treats a 5-6 gallon batch of Hard Cider.

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