Campden Tablets (Sodium Metabisulfite)


Campden Tablets (Sodium Metabisulfite in tablet form) have many uses in wine making. These are ideal for use in traditional grape wine, fruit wine, beer, mead, hard cider, or other fermentations.

Campden Tablets act as a sterilant, inhibiting spoilage bacteria - like wild yeast on fruit or bacteria on equipment - from growing in your wine. Winemakers will often add a tablet to sterilize the must (unfermented wine) 24 hours before pitching yeast. This provides yeast with a ‘clean slate’ and eliminates any competition.

Sodium Metabisulfite or Sodium Meta (SMS) also act as a preservative when used in combination with Potassium Sorbate (a yeast growth inhibitor) on bottling day.

These handy tablets also help inhibit browning and oxidation. They can also be used to remove chlorine or chloramine from tap water before brewing beer.

Sodium Meta in tablet form is convenient and takes the work out of measuring or calculating dosage. Use 1 tablet per gallon. Grind the tablet into a powder before using, which is easily done by pressing the tablet between 2 spoons.

This package contains 50 Campden Tablets.

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