Tilt Pro Mini Hydrometer

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The Tilt Pro Mini Hydrometer instantly reads your beer’s specific gravity AND temperature during fermentation. Monitor activity in real time via a smart phone, tablet or Raspberry Pi. 

This homebrewing tech is a convenient and modern solution to a traditional glass hydrometer & test tube. With the Tilt Hydrometer Pro Mini, you never have to open your fermenter or expose it to oxygen in order to collect a sample. No more wasting precious beer volume either!

After chilling wort, transferring into your fermenter & pitching yeast, simply drop in the Tilt Pro Mini Hydrometer. 

Glass hydrometers can be difficult to read and interpret. Gravity readings with a hydrometer also require you to collect a sample of beer, which reduces your finished volume. The Tilt Pro Mini Hydrometer tracks gravity changes over time for you!

Comes calibrated and ready to use with a pre-installed battery that lasts 12-24 months (depending on usage).

Available in different colors for monitoring multiple fermenters within the app. App can not read two of the same color Tilt Hydrometer Pro Minis at once.

  • Size: 1.13" (29mm) diameter (max) by 4.51" (115mm) tall (will pass through a 1.5" Tri-Clamp drain for easy recovery)

  • Weight: 2.3oz (65g)

  • Specific Gravity Measurement Range (pre-calibrated): 0.9900 - 1.1200 (possible to user calibrate up to 1.2000)

  • Specific Gravity resolution: 0.0001

  • Temperature Measurement Range: 0°F - 185°F (-17.8°C - 85°C)

  • Temperature resolution: 0.1°F (0.1°C)

  • Temperature Measurement Range: 0°F - 185°F (-17.8°C - 85°C)

  • Wireless Range: 300 feet when floating in pint glass of water and 20 feet floating in 5 gallon stainless steel keg. Approximately 2-3x standard Tilt and about 80% of Tilt Pro range.


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