Wine Thief


Use a Wine Thief to take samples of your wine, beer or mead! This tool is useful for collecting liquid for gravity readings, taste tests & more.

The simple design of our Wine Thief allows you to collect samples without pouring, transferring or otherwise agitating your wine. A wine thief is perfect for collecting samples of beer, mead, or wine for a variety of applications including:

  • Taking gravity readings with a hydrometer
  • Evaluating color, clarity or aroma in your glass prior to bottling
  • Tasting prior to backsweetening 

This 1” diameter plastic Wine Thief is adjustable and has 3 pieces, so you can assemble a 10” or an 18” long tube, making it perfect for a variety of fermenters.

Dip the plastic thief into your fermenter, cover the top with your thumb, and remove the thief. Lift your thumb to release & drain the sample into a hydrometer testing jar, or a tasting glass to assess flavor.

NOTE: We DO NOT recommend pouring ‘stolen’ wine, mead, or beer back into the fermenter. 

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