French Oak Infusion Spirals - Medium Toast

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An oak spiral gives your homebrewed beer barrel aged flavor! Our premium French Oak Infusion Spirals have a Medium Toast, and are an easy and economical alternative to aging in barrels.

Oak aging spirals are toasted to enhance the wood's full flavor and aromatic potential. The spiral oak shape maximizes surface area, exposing both parallel and cross grains of the wood, to accelerate extraction time.

French Oak spirals add a sweet bouquet with warm vanilla overtones. French Oak will be milder in flavor and aroma than American Oak, which is bolder.

Medium Toast is a mid-level temperature roast that showcases the natural vanillin compound found in oak.

French Oak Infusion Spirals - Medium Toast Are Available In 2 Sizes:

  • 1 small oak aging spiral, which treats a 1 gallon batch.  
  • 2 large oak spirals, which treat 5 - 6 gallons (use 1 spiral per 3 gallons).  

French Oak spirals can be snapped into smaller lengths as needed. Place the oak infusion spiral directly into your beer or wine. The oak flavor in charred oak spirals is fully extracted in 6 weeks. You can remove the oak from the fermenter earlier for milder oak contribution and flavor.

Oak Infusion Spirals should NOT be reused! All of the oak flavor will be extracted after one use, and won't add flavor to future fermentations. 1" diameter Infusion Spirals are intended for use in a fermenter & are not compatible with beer or wine bottles for bottle aging.

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