LalBrew Windsor British Ale Yeast

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Looking to try a new yeast for your next homebrewed beer? Try Lallemand LalBrew Windsor British Ale Yeast. This yeast is ideal for brewing traditional, full bodied English Ales fit for a king.

Windsor Yeast produces a balanced fruity esters and aroma. It also exhibits lower attenuation, meaning it promotes a fuller body and slight residual sweetness. It's the perfect choice for your next Irish Red, Sweet Stout, English Bitter, Mild, Brown, Pale Ale or Porter.

LalBrew Windsor British Ale Yeast thrives in a fermentation temperature range of 59 - 77ºF. 

This active dry yeast does not require hydration or a yeast starter to begin fermentation. If you want to reduce lag phase and grow yeast cell count, consider our Yeast Starter Kit. This 11g packet treats a 5 gallon batch of beer.

How To Use LalBrew Windsor British Ale Yeast When Brewing 5 Gallons Of Beer:

  1. Ensure wort is chilled to 75ºF or below.
  2. Pitch entire packet & aerate for a full minute to begin fermentation.

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