Kombucha Recipe Kit


Ready to brew a new batch of Kombucha? Our Kombucha Recipe Kit includes the tea and sugar to refill your fermenter and get you started on your next 1 gallon batch of booch!

What's Inside the Kombucha Recipe Kit

  • 6 tsp organic loose leaf black tea
  • 1 cup organic cane sugar
  • Tea straining bag

Use the ingredients found in our Kombucha Recipe Kit with the equipment & the SCOBY from your Kombucha Starter Kit. This tea & sugar help you brew a 1 gallon batch of kombucha.

Brew Infinite-TEA

Good For Your Gut.
Every glass of kombucha is packed with probiotics and enzymes that help maintain a healthy, happy tummy.
One kit brews a lifetime of kombucha. Seriously! The SCOBY included with each kit will ferment infinite batches of booch.

Easy Process, Endless Benefits

Your kombucha will be ready in just 2 WEEKS & 4 EASY STEPS.


Our Guide to Brewing Kombucha

A user-friendly guide to homebrewed kombucha. Includes tips for choosing flavors, bottling & starting your next batch.

Need The Equipment?

What Are The Brewers' Saying